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20 Yeni Haber

Full support to KASSAK and Commission President Salih Kurt from the Diaspora of Turkic Languages


Head of Turkic Languages Diaspora Hijran ABDULLAYEV announced that they fully support Salih Kurt, Head of Karabakh War Crimes Investigation Commission (KASSAK).

Hijran Abdullayev, President of the Turkic Languages Diaspora, a non-governmental organization that contributes to the promotion of Turkish languages, expressed his pleasure to work with KASSAK in his meeting with the President of KASSAK Salih Kurt.

Expressing that he closely follows the activities of KASSAK, President Abdullayev said:

“After the Karabakh War, there was great suffering in Azerbaijan.

Unfortunately, the world remained silent about this genocide. Salih KURT, President of the World Turkish Journalists Union and KASSAK, who left a respected reputation in the world, increased Turkey's prestige from Peshawar to Israel, from Baku to Kiev. I hope that this Commission will achieve its purpose under the presidency of President Salih Kurt. Inhumane crimes in Karabakh will be announced to the world, and those concerned will be held accountable. In this sense, I would like to thank President Salih Kurt for undertaking such a heavy responsibility and duty. We will always be supportive. “

KASSAK President Salih KURT stated that they have undertaken a really difficult mission:

"The genocide that took place after the war in Karabakh install us in this mission. As human beings, as Muslims, we cannot remain silent about oppression wherever it is in the world. Those who go to Aghdam and Shusha know. We stand with our Azerbaijani brothers and sisters who were subjected to mass graves, murders, destruction of nature and genocide today, as always. With the support we have received from many international countries, we are now determined to punish war crimes. We strive to fulfill our duty properly. In this sense, I would like to thank the President of the Turkic Languages Diaspora, Mr. Hijran Abdullayev himself. " said.

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