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"We will bring historical facts to light"


Mr. Salih Kurt, President of the Karabakh War Crimes Investigation Commission, stated that they aimed to heal the wounds of the destruction inflicted on humanity by the Armenians, and said, "We intend to fulfill this duty not only for Karabakh but for the whole humanity."


Humanity has been subjected to "inhumane" attacks since the world was founded.  Cain, the first human being born to be born, killed his brother Abel, whom he envied, unfortunately; The atrocities that we cannot explain with reason or conscience continue to be experienced from that day to this day.

Of course, we are not so incapable of saying "It has come like this, it will go like this", and we shouldn't be.

Of course, in this world as much as the "wrongdoers", there are also conscientious people who struggle not to fall into the situation like “the dumb devil with silence against injustice”.

KASSAK (Karabakh War Crimes Investigation Commission) was founded by people of this mindset.

On this good road, which is embarked on the hope that when the intention is pure, the result will be realized, we believe that KASSAK will bring the historical facts to light.

President of KASSAK Mr. Salih Kurt, Deputy Chairman of KASSAK Prof. Dr.  Bayram Altan we congratulate and all names who volunteered in the commission.

May my God be their helpers.

(Müslüm AKTÜRK)

- Mr. President, can we get to know you?

I was born in 1980 in Trabzon. I have expertise and experience in international relations, especially as a professional trainer.  As well as the President of the World Turkish Journalists Union, I have management experience in many international non-governmental organizations such as ASİAD.  I am the person who gathered the first arrest delegation of the terrorist leader Öcalan in 1997-1998. I took an active role in the Prime Ministry High Terrorism Advisory Board until 1999.

I was nominated for the President of EAS Aqua Culture in 2020. I have a news agency. I have been in the press industry since 2009.

-How did the idea of establishing the Karabakh War Crimes Investigation Commission came about?

Since I have a high level of experience in this subject before, to our conference on “The Armenian Genocide of 31 March 1918” on 07-04-2021, Mr. Firdovsi Əliyev, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources of Azerbaijan from Zangilan region, as a guest, who joined the live broadcast; he asked me to investigate the damage caused by the Armenians in the region after the 2nd Karabakh War.

With the presence of our commission in the press, there were very serious demands of the prominent people of our diplomacy to join our Commission. We made some offers to universities and our professors.

By expressing that this is an indispensable need and they expressed that they would be honored to take part in such a Commission, and thus our Commission has become a big "International Commission" with the participation of 36 countries in a short time.

Prof. Dr. Bayram ALTAN, whom I met in the meantime, he was really a great luck for our Commission. I offered him the post of Vice President. Upon accepting it with pleasure, we gained the strength we have today. I would like to mention here a good word of Mr. Prof. Dr. Bayram ALTAN "Our friendship is for two lifetimes, not just one day."

- Are there names outside of Turkey and Azerbaijan in the commission,  if any,  from which countries, and according to what criteria did you include the names in the list?

Which includes experts in many fields from 36 countries such as scientists, historians, professors, doctors, researchers and military attachés, former prime ministers, lawyers, court presidents, ambassadors who have received medals in their fields, from non-governmental organization leaders to former ministers, and governors, our Commission,is one of the largest international commissions in history.

- Is your road map clear? When, how and for how long did you plan a study program?

We could set our roadmap, but a diplomatic permit is required for our commission. For this, we informed the demands of our Commission to the approval of the President of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN. Now, after the final decision of our President, our Commission will convene, and it will start its work by appointing experts to be assigned in the region from within the Commission.

- Do you believe that the results you will achieve at the end of your activities will affect the world public opinion, and your report will refute the so-called genocide allegations against Armenians?

Beyond believing, when you look at the country participating in our Karabakh War Crimes Investigation Commission and the people representing these countries, you will see that the existence of this Commission has already shown that the claims of the Armenians are clearly false.

The duty of the Karabakh War Crimes Investigation Commission is to inform the world public opinion by carrying out scientific studies in the field against the Diaspora of the Armenians; To unearth the historical facts and to heal the wounds of the destruction that Armenians inflicted on humanity in the next hundred years. With the support of international law, it is to be an ointment to the wounds of the people living in the region that bleed with sociological, psychological and economic measures.

We, as human beings, think that we owe it not only to Karabakh but also to humanity. The Karabakh issue is not an issue solely for the people of the region or the Caucasian countries.

We set out to prevent similar atrocities and genocides from happening again. We wish to heal these deep wounds engraved on the soul of humanity and not to experience genocide and savagery like the Karabakh incident. I think that the states should enact laws and take measures by showing the Karabakh savagery as an example.

-What will happen when you concretely reveal the persecution of the Armenian Army against Azerbaijan Turks? How will the documents affect the Armenian State, will it be subject to any sanctions?

Of course, such Commissions have the power to issue sanctions decisions before international law and courts.

The Armenians did not only commit genocide to the people in the region, they also destroyed the living resources necessary for life, and also destroyed the cultural heritage and ecosystem and subjected them to genocide.

I would like to remind you of a nice detection of Prof. Dr. Kerem KARABULUT from Atatürk University. "There are efforts to create a virtual state in the region."

For the next hundred years, Armenians must volunteer to correct this damage, let alone abide by international court decisions or sanctions.

Our Karabakh War Crimes Investigation Commission and the Turkish media and the world media constantly by showing the Armenian State and the Armenian people the murders they destroyed, destroyed and committed, and  by making them aware of this great crime against humanity; thus, the future generations of the Armenians should also be made aware.

The late Eşref BİTLİS Pasha says; "Our struggle is not for those above the earth, but for those who lie beneath the earth."

We cannot ignore our spiritual values in the region. The Armenian state should apologize, evacuate the civilian living spaces they usurped, and voluntarily recognize every official decision taken by the Karabakh War Crimes Investigation Commission.


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