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Joint Declaration of 4th Conference of Speakers of Parliaments issues in Turkey



ISTANBUL: The 4th Conference of Speakers of Parliaments in Turkey has come to an end. Pakistan was represented by the Speaker of the National Assembly Asad Qaiser. The conference focused on "fight against terrorism and strengthening regional ties".




According to the joint statement, a solution to the Kashmir issue is essential for regional peace. It was agreed to resolve the Kashmir dispute in accordance with Security Council resolutions. All states were urged to refrain from the politics of the Financial Action Task Force.

According to the joint statement, the countries participating in the conference will take a united stand on the FATF. Emphasis was placed on the easy availability of COVID 19 vaccines for the people of developing countries and demanded that access to vaccines be extended to the weaker segments.

Parliamentary delegations from Afghanistan, China, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan attended the Speaker's Conference. Addressing the Fourth Speakers' Conference, Speaker Asad Qaiser called for a solution to the Kashmir issue and said that Indian forces were oppressing the oppressed and unarmed Kashmiri people.

The Speaker also visited the shrines of Jalaluddin Rumi and Hazrat Shams Tabrizi at the end of the conference.


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