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Hundreds of protesters in Ireland clash with police in anti-lockdown demonstration, 23 arrested



DUBLIN: In Ireland, hundreds of citizens came out to the streets against the Corona lockdown. According to the foreign media protestors gathered in a violent anti-lockdown protest in Dublin on Saturday, with police charging the crowd and arresting 23 demonstrating against ongoing virus curbs in Ireland.

Hundreds of these protestors assembled at a city center park handed out placards with reading “let Ireland live” and chanted slogans “end the lockdown” but they were blocked from the area by police, which swiftly turned the spot into violent clash with fireworks pointed at officers at close-range.

Police said three officers were injured, one of whom was hospitalised in the protest which lasted around two hours.

Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin condemned the protest on the streets of Dublin, resulting in 23 arrests.


In the last 24 hours, 738 new cases have been reported in Ireland due to corona and 13 more people have died from the epidemic.


The total number of corona patients in Ireland has risen to 218,980 since new cases emerged.

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