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Martyrs of the homeland ...


"Turks start a war, capture the devil in hell"

Genghis Khan

Thankfully, the battle for the homeland is over. We killed 2783 people in 44 days. 2783 people sacrificed themselves for the homeland. 1245 people were wounded and disabled ... The world saw how the Armenians were capitulated like Hitler's Germany in the face of the power of our heroic warriors who sacrificed their lives ...

There is no center of the modern world. As the boundaries between civilization and barbarism disappear, so do human values. At a time when the price of everything is rising, the value of man is devaluing every day.

The world has become an extremely noisy arena. Weak states also play on this field. The world is gone, and now rabbits are laughing at lions, clapping their hands ... Dogs are bitten by worms, they have multiplied ...

At a time when Jovid-19 captured the world, Armenia began to play with the nerves of the Azerbaijani people, to repeat the Nazi-style steps. History will never forget Germany's atrocities against Jews and USSR citizens, France's atrocities against Muslims and Armenians for more than a century. Armenians took taxes from the stained pages of history, trampled on our national pride in our territories with the advice of their "teachers", and set foot on our wounds that had not healed ...

But they forgot that revenge will not last until the Day of Judgment! They did not see the growing power and economic potential of the state. Historically, powerful nations have won wars. The losers have always been weak states. The obituaries of the Fallen Empires are remembered in the pages of history.

In the XXI century, the world has witnessed the modern military equipment and tactics of the Azerbaijani army, the courage and bravery of our warriors, military skills and heroism, and the shameful surrender of the Armenians maneuvering like Hitler!

Sacrifice the neck of every officer and soldier who fights. If they hadn't started fighting, those idiots and cursed people would still be sitting in our hearths.

Sacrifice to you! Because you took the oath of allegiance to the motherland, we also called your name the motherland. You were inspired by the people, you responded to the calls and tasks of the Command with high responsibility, you valued the trust and confidence with your life and blood.

Today, each of you lives and will live in the hearts of the country's Khan Warrior, Khan Soldier. You heard that the battle was not so difficult, you thought that death was far away. You considered it an honor to die in the way of homeland, zeal and chastity, and you became the owner of a blessed victory as a trust in the homeland!

Sacrifice to your voice shouting "Karabakh is Azerbaijan"! Our lands have become ours! Thanks to you, we became "Property Owners" ...

Love to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Azerbaijan, the military command, our fighters - to you! With your zeal and courage, you raised our heads to the highest horizon of Sidrat al-Muntaha (the word of the Qur'an).

It is known from history that our name was called "Land of Fire". You have become both a fire and a hearth. I hope God will give you your reward. The existence of each of us is connected with the homeland. You are the army that fights both the heart and the body of this creature! DEAR WARRIORS, SACRIFICE ON YOUR NECK! Let the field always be brave. Let the cowards and the heartless become lovers of blankets.

I remembered a saying of Chingiz Khan: "The Turks will start a war, and the devil will be taken prisoner in hell."

O Lord! I ask You for the honor of Your beautiful names, and I beseech You: Reach out to those who cry out, and anger our enemies! Immerse the earth, the graves of those who were martyred for the Truth, in the smell of musk amber, our veterans in pain need you, give them sustenance, provide for their needs, bring blessings to their tables like the Divine table, and put ointment on their pains! You created life and death! You are the true owner of strength and power!

O my Lord! Do not waste the suffering of our fighting army, give your rewards yourself!

O my God, whose reward is glorious! I beg you: the mothers of the martyrs, the children of the fatherless angels, the wounded

Embrace our veterans with mercy and give them peace! Know them very close to You!

My Lord, Who encompasses all things in knowledge, I have asked You for these things. Do not disappoint our people!
With endless love and prayers to you ...

Shamsaddin Aliyev


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