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Attack on the building of the Azerbaijan Honorary Consulate in Kharkov, Ukraine


An armed attack on the building of the Azerbaijan Honorary Consulate in Kharkov, Ukraine

The Honorary Consulate of Azerbaijan in Kharkov issued a statement on the shelling of the consulate building tonight. According to the consulate, the consulate building located at 7 Yaroslavl Mudri Street came under fire at 2.30 tonight: “Six shots were fired at the consulate building. As a result, windows and doors were broken. No one was injured as no one was in the office at night. The consulate's surveillance cameras recorded two young men with pistol-like weapons in their hands.
A criminal case has been launched in connection with the incident. Police in the Kiev district of Kharkiv are investigating the incident.
Contacting our sources in Ukraine, "Contrasts" notes that the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov is angry with the events in Karabakh, as evidenced by the attitude of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry to Azerbaijani businessmen.
We remind that after the appointment of Arsen Avakov, an Armenian originally from Baku, as a minister in Ukraine, Burzu Aliyev, the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, and other officials were removed from public office.
A month ago, Azerbaijani MP, head of the Ukraine-Azerbaijan Friendship Group Rufat Guliyev told "Tazadlar" that he had addressed the deputies of the Ukrainian Rada. The appeal was published by us and sent to the Presidential Administration of Ukraine. It turned out that the office of Oleg Krapivin, the chairman of the Kiev City Organization of the Congress of Ukrainian Azerbaijanis in Kiev, was attacked by Armenians. Using O. Krapivi's absence, the police broke down the door, turned over office supplies and furniture, and even smashed portraits of National Leader Heydar Aliyev and President Ilham Aliyev on the wall, threw them on the ground (relevant photos are attached), and showed disrespect. The assailants stole a large amount of US dollars collected by O. Krapivin to help both Azerbaijani and Ukrainian families affected by the Karabakh war. Oleg Andreevich Krapivin is originally from Azerbaijan and has lived in Ukraine for a long time, he has great success in sports. Thanks to Minister Arsen Avakov, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry is prolonging the investigation of this criminal case and the arrest of the attackers.
Unfortunately, such provocations, which took place against the background of the high level of Ukrainian-Azerbaijani relations and Ukraine's defense of Azerbaijan's rights in the Karabakh war, are intended to spoil these good relations between the two countries. Let's hope that President Zelinski will reveal the real author of the latest scenario of this latest provocation against him.

Asif Marzili, journalist (Azerbaijan, Baku, TRTAJANS)

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