Fri, Jan
5 Yeni Haber

Internet law should be passed as soon as possible.


TİNGADER (All Internet Journalism and Journalists Association) Istanbul Branch President Nihan Özdemir stated that there are around 100 thousand websites in Turkey and said,

“Nearly half of them broadcast under the counter. When the law is passed, these will be cleared and the profession of journalism will gain prestige,” she said.

Nihan Özdemir, who is in Ankara to attend a ceremony, said in her statement that today the written media is not read much. Pointing out that nearly 90 percent of the society follows the news online, TİNGADER Istanbul Branch President Özdemir continued as follows:

“However, there is still no law on internet journalism. Journalists working on news portals are not treated as required by Law No. 212. Unfortunately, our colleagues who do their jobs seriously are not considered journalists because the internet law has not been enacted. Again, due to the lack of the law, there are many people who introduce themselves as journalists, even though they have nothing to do with the profession, and harm the profession of journalism. In order to eliminate these problems, the internet law must be passed as soon as possible. As TİNGADER, we bring this issue to the agenda whenever we can, and we will continue to do so.”

Fadime Ünal, who has just joined the TİNGADER Family, said, “I joined the TİNGADER Family with the suggestion of our President Ms. Nihan and will work in the Ankara Branch. I would like to thank our President Nihan Özdemir for being the occasion. I will do my best for TINGADER to grow and engage in more activities related to the profession of journalism.”

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