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KASSAK Commission President Kurt met with the District Governor and Mayor at the breakfast of ASIAD


KASSAK Commission Chairman Salih Kurt, District Governor Resul Celik, Mayor Ahmet Poyraz met at the Breakfast Program of ASIAD.
ASIAD family gathered in Çekmeköy for the Traditional ASIAD Breakfast Program organized by ASIAD President Yücel Yalçınkaya and held an economy-oriented information and consultation meeting.

At the meeting, Chairman Ahmet Poyraz gave a great news to the young people.

Chairman Poyraz promised to provide software expertise training to young people within the scope of their cooperation project with the Ministry of Technology and Trade, and to provide a job guarantee at the end of the training.

Çekmeköy District Governor Resul Celik emphasized unity and solidarity: "The award given by our President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to our Çekmeköy Municipality, due to our President Ahmet Poyraz's education projects, is extremely valuable. I congratulate them once again." said.

Stating that he is very happy to know the ASIAD family and to accept this invitation today, District Governor Resul Çelik loved little İsmail Kurt, who recited the 10 stanzas of the National Anthem in the presence of him and the guests.

District Governor Resul Celik: "If it wasn't for the pandemic, Little Ismail would bite you." said.

Yücel Yalçınkaya, Chairman of ASIAD, emphasized that "We will all be in unity and solidarity at the point of service to this city in the upcoming period".

Ak Party District Chairman Av Akın İlhan and MHP District Chairman Cenap Yağmur expressed their satisfaction with being together with the ASIAD family.

ASIAD Deputy Chairman Fahri Yagli underlined that with the initiative of President Salih Kurt, they achieved significant success as ASIAD and ASIP in Operation Peace Spring.

Vice President Fahri Yagli expressed their satisfaction as the ASIAD Family, especially since the letter and application written by the President of the KASSAK Commission, Salih Kurt, to the European Union authorities to support the Peace Spring Operation, was studied by Akdeniz University as an International Relations course.

District Governor Resul Celik, gave an image to the press with the Chairman of the KASSAK Commission, Salih Kurt and said: "Mr. President, we expect the continuation of your these initiatives."


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