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A Song Makes You Feel A Thought…


If I have time left over from my intense and tiring work;

besides religious music, sometimes,

I also listen to songs and folk songs that are loaded with great meaning, that caress the soul of the listener and take them to the realm of contemplation. One day, with these thoughts, I listened to a song on TV. In the middle of the night, I began to chant the following words that remained in my memory:

In the blackest of the night, I am where hope ends.

If I turn the corner, death, If I go straight, Life;

I am in the shadows.

These words had a profound effect on me. There was an important message here. This message was calling the listeners to think about certain things and to take precautions against dangers. When I dwell on words:

The night is the blackest, the place where hope ends, and if it turns the corner, it seems like death, life and being in the shadows, opposite each other, but when they come together, I saw that they create a harmony with deep meanings.

Day and night, light and dark, straight and crooked, life and death, guidance and misguidance, young and old, woman and man, white and black, faith and disbelief, right and wrong, scholar and ignorant, teacher and student, master and apprentice, the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak, could ever be one? Of course no!

It is possible to multiply these examples and enumerate them for pages. There is an important message here: In the dark of the night, when living things are plunged into a deep silence, the eye cannot see, the target is lost, a great fear and shudder cover the whole heart and soul of the person, and the light of hope goes out. If a person deviates from the straight road or takes a bend, there is a danger of falling into the abyss and dying.

If he continues on his way straight, there is a life full of joy and happiness, which is the good news that the sun will rise, which will eventually strip the darkest of the night and illuminate the universe.

Even during the hours when the sun is most effective, there is living in the shadows.

I chant these lines whenever I can think of them. Because deep meanings are hidden in this song. Warnings are confidential. The invitation to the right path is hidden. The comparison is hidden. Contemplation is hidden...

Daytime, symbol of light. It is the symbol of knowledge, culture, beauty, goodness, happiness and joy. If it's dark; It is the symbol of ignorance, evil, pessimism, depression, sadness.

Now I ask: Do you desire the day or the night? Of course, even if it is the tip of a pin, every sane person desires the day. Who wants darkness when there is light? Who favors ignorance when there is science and civilization? Who wishes for hell when there is heaven? Who would want to walk on the gravel - stony - thorny road when there is a straight road like an airplane runway? Who cares about the oleander flower, when there are roses that radiate a musky scent around them? Who wants to stand under the scorching heat of the sun when there are shades?

Almost everything gains value with its opposite. Can it be appreciated the value of heaven without hell, goodness without evil, knowledge without ignorance, light without darkness, wealth without poverty, faith without disbelief, and guidance without heresy? Puzzler!

In this situation; With an officer who fulfills the duties assigned at every minute of his working hours, gives the right to every penny of the salary he will receive at the end of the month, and enjoys the pleasure of serving his country and nation, and an officer, who tries to make up his day, deals with his private affairs during working hours, and damages the property of the state, can be the same?

Can a teacher who struggles to educate its students and teach them useful information and who experiences the joy and happiness of raising useful young people for its country and nation, and an educator who does not adopt this as its own motto, can be equal?

With exemplary deputies who, after taking the power of attorney of the electorate, came to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and won the title of "Deputy", and rendered useful services for our country and nation, deputies who go rogue under that sacred roof, acting like a showman and expired and returned to the constituency without performing any useful service, will be the same?

In order to appear before the members of the media, a politician who stands in front of the mirror in the sink and puts on make-up for minutes and tries to camouflage the traces of aging on his face, and a politician who has never put on make-up in his life and preserved his natural state and is loved by the public, can be the same?

With a Prime Minister, who is considering eighty-three million citizens equally, regardless of whether they voted or not, strives to provide services to every corner of the country, constructive rather than destructive, facilitating rather than complicating, who spread good news and happiness, not fear, and giving positive energy rather than negative; the Prime Minister who thinks about its own interests, who only cares for the voters who vote for its and its' party, who acts discriminatory and impulsive, be the same?

Can a President, who in a position above the parties, not closely or remotely affiliated with any political party, giving the right to the office he occupies, providing useful services for our country and nation, preventing injustice, preventing corruption, who says "Stop!" against discrimination; does not discriminate between faith and culture,be the same with a President who proves himself to be an exemplary "Statesman" with his speeches and actions, and the President who is in the opposite position?

Can a person who invites people to the truth, guidance, humane life, goodness and beauty be in the same category as a person who invites people to the darkness of ignorance, perversion of blasphemy and denial, oppression and satanic patterns?

With a person who makes great efforts to help people who break new ground with his works, and whose only goal is the consent of Allah while walking on this path, a person who made a bad breakthrough and tried to get people to walk this path, is it acceptable at the same level? Of course not!

See how our Beloved Prophet, the master of the universe, summarizes the subject, which we have tried to explain comparatively since above, in two sentences:

"A person who invites others to the right path will be rewarded with the same reward as those who follow him. However, nothing will decrease from their (those who follow him) rewards. A person who invites them astray will be given a sin like the sin of those who follow him. However, nothing will be less from the sins of those who follow him."

Bad groundbreaking people will always be remembered with hatred and curse for years, even centuries, and they will be condemned to hell as a result. But good groundbreaking people will always be remembered, and rewarded with goodness, beauty, kindness and prayers and will live forever in heaven.

In the light of the message given by a song, the analysis we made in the world of contemplation, and most importantly, the golden words of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who illuminated our world of belief like the sun, I ask: - Which position would you like to be in?


Prof. Dr. Bayram ALTAN

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