Fri, Jan
5 Yeni Haber

Myriokephalon Victory will be commemorated with various events


Celebrations will be held throughout the province, especially in Gelendost district of Isparta, on the 845th anniversary of the Myriokephalon Victory.

Upon the official application of Mehmet Ali Çelik, President of the All Internet Journalists Association, Seljuk Sultan Kılıçarslan II defeated Byzantine Emperor Manuel with overwhelming superiority in the war between Yenice Sivrisi and Gelendost districts of today's Isparta province,and accepted as the deed of Anatolia, on the occasion of the anniversary of the Battle of Myriokephalon, which took place on September 17, 1176, Hatm-i Şerifs will be read throughout the province in Isparta, and the Seljuk Commander-in-Chief and our martyrs will be remembered.

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