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Ottoman slap is coming to the Armenians!


A commission has been established to investigate and unearth the war crimes committed by the Armenians who brutally murdered Azerbaijani Turks by invading Karabakh.

Upon the request of Firdovsi Aliyev, Deputy Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Azerbaijan Republic; The President of the World Turkish Writers Union, Salih Kurt, and the Chairman of the ISAB-Islamic Countries Academic Association, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the ISAK FOUNDATION and Former Advisor to the Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Bayram Altan came together, and they launched a study to determine the distinguished people who will take part in the commission.

It was stated that the work of determining the members of the Commission, which started with the slogan of the late Heydar Aliyev, "ONE NATION, TWO STATES" adopted by the two states, has reached the final stage.

In the commission; from about 30 countries, primarily Turkey and Azerbaijan, former ambassadors, university rectors, academics, officers, historians, lawyers, researchers-writers, journalists, war correspondents, sociologists, psychologists, reporters and strategic advisors are taking place.

The name of this commission, which was established to investigate the atrocities and massacres committed by Armenians against Azerbaijan during the Azerbaijan-Armenia War that took place recently, was determined as the "Karabakh War Crimes Investigation Commission".

For this important commission; Countries except Turkey and Azerbaijan, there were also participants from countries such as; United States, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, Belgium, England, Portugal, Mauritania, Spain, Maldives, Slovenia, TRNC, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Countries, Jordan, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Niger and Nigeria.

During the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan-occurring some time ago to be established to investigate war crimes committed in Nagorno-Karabakh will be determined in the planned commission names.

Karabakh War Crimes Investigation Commission was composed of Turkey mainly Russia and Azerbaijan, and more than 30 countries' leading diplomats, scientists, academics, administrators, historians, lawyers, army members, researchers, war correspondents, journalists, television program makers and authors; was noted that it is of great importance for the people of the region, international relations and the World Public.

Some of the members of the Karabakh War Crimes Investigation Commission, which also includes the Advisory, Legal and Media Boards, made statements regarding the issue and said:

Salih KURT (Head of the Commission): The Commission is an indication of how our Turkish country and nation reassuring to the world. Our being honest and virtuous makes us valuable, and at the same time, it is our values that hold us together. I hope that our Commission, which is a blessing of our past experiences, will be beneficial for our country, Azerbaijan, Russia and all humanity. "

Prof. Dr. Bayram ALTAN (Deputy Chairman of the Commission and Chairman of the Advisory Board):

We, Turks, governed many non-Muslim communities in the Ottoman period by hosting them. Thus, we announced to the whole world that the Turkish nation has a superior and perfect management approach. This exemplary form of administration, which is carried out by considering the rights and laws of even non-Muslims; It has not been seen in any state in history. It cannot be seen after that! ...

The Turks, along with the Armenians and other non-Muslim elements they host, noted important information about the years, telling their joyful and sorrowful days, in the history of humanity.

Despite this, the Turks were subjected to great slander due to the provocations and false statements of the Armenians.

Until 2019, to the Armenians, provoking 29 countries against Turkey, and who make the world believed their lie that they were persecuted and massacred by the Turks, and who killed many of our Azeri brothers and who were defeated in the recent war with the Azerbaijanis in Karabakh, it is time to deliver an Ottoman's slap in a way that the repercussions will be heard all over the world.

Here we established the “Karabakh - War Crimes Investigation Commission” to reveal the historical facts and share with the world public opinion by exposing the Armenian atrocities and massacres, lies and slanders! ...

I believe that we will complete this project, which we initiated in order to bring to light a very important issue, to shed light on the history of "ONE NATION, TWO STATES", and to shout the truth to 29 countries deceived by the Armenians, with the help of Allah and under the auspices of the Presidents of the two countries.

Prof. Dr. Cüneyt YÜKSEL (Vice President - Chairman of the Legal Board): The attacks carried out by Armenia against the civil settlements of Azerbaijan during the Second Karabakh War drew everyone's reaction. More than a hundred civilians, including children, died in these attacks. Azerbaijan gave the necessary response to these attacks at the front, but at the same time, it should seek its rights there by appealing to the international judicial authorities.

This commission is very valuable to be substantially contribute to such an effort. The elements to be put forward here may become the evidence to be used by the Courts in punishing war criminals in the future. Therefore, I wish the Commission to achieve important results by carrying out efficient studies.

Dr. Abdurrahman Arıcı (Former Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism):

In the last Karabakh war that started with the attack of Armenia, it was obvious that Armenia caused the made martyrdom of innocent civilians with many missiles and bombs, especially in civilian settlements, before the eyes of the whole world as obvious. Many massacres that started with the occupation in the Karabakh lands they have been occupying for 30 years are waiting to come to light.

It is a duty of humanity to reveal the perpetrators of these massacres in Azerbaijan and Anatolia and to share them with the whole world. If the Karabakh War Crimes Investigation Commission can be a part of this mission, we are happy. Happily we are "One nation two states" we can say.

Hulusi Kılıç (Retired Ambassador - (Turkey's former Azerbaijani Ambassador)):

Good luck to this important Commission for the Turkish Nation. I believe that the Commission will show the world public opinion the war and crimes against humanity committed by the Armenian Army with concrete evidence. Believing in the Armenian lies, those who investigate the so-called genocide in the ashes of the 1st World War should look at the massacre in Khojaly town in Upper Karabakh on February 26, 1992. According to the official statement of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 613 civilian Azerbaijan Turks, including 106 women and 83 children, were brutally murdered in the attack.

Can Azerbaijani people have been waiting for justice for the Khojaly massacre for 29 years.

The Armenian Administration will account for the war and crimes against humanity committed by the Armenian Army against the Azerbaijani Turks who were martyred as a result of banned bombs used against civilians in Ganja and Berde during the 44-day War of the Homeland. In addition, the Armenian Administration will be asked to account for the destruction of historical and religious artifacts in Karabakh during the 44-day homeland war and during the occupation and the damage it caused to the environment as a result of deliberate fires.

Prof. Dr. Kerem KARABULUT (Vice Chairman):

This commission, Turkey and Azerbaijan by the Armenian lies and the destruction they have suffered since the date of the most recent examples of destruction of the socio-economic dimension in Karabakh tries to demonstrate with scientific means and methods.

The determinations and recommendations of the international commission, in addition to contributing to both Azerbaijan and Turkey, it will raise awareness at the international level so as not to suffer such aggression and destruction.

Dipl. Abdulkadir İNAKTEKİN (Vice President):

The Karabakh War Crimes Investigation Commission has been in the dark cellar of history and has adopted the main objective of explaining the historical facts known to the world public by scientists, who are a few history researchers, and to ensure that the necessary sanctions are applied in accordance with international legal norms.

The founding members of the commission and expert scientists from Turkey and abroad, who take part in the sub-commissions, carry out their studies with care. Genocide and mass killings in Azerbaijan and Bosnia-Herzegovina in the last quarter of the 20th century were recorded as genocide, war crimes and human rights violations in accordance with the norms of Universal Human Rights Law.

Emin ÖZDURAN (Retired Colonel):

During the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Armenians occupied the Nagorno-Karabakh region belonging to Azerbaijan. During this occupation, they brutally murdered our Azerbaijani brothers living in Nagorno-Karabakh regardless of the elderly, sick, women, children, and forced those who escaped to emigrate from their own lands. The Azerbaijan State opened its arms of compassion to the victims who fled their own lands, where they experienced Armenian persecution, and took care of them. Its essential needs such as food, drink and accommodation were met by the State.

People who lost their children, spouses, siblings, parents, did not forget and will never forget the Armenian cruelty.   Armenian cruelty is a bleeding wound of the Azeri people.  It is time for the Armenian cruelty to be known by all countries of the world and to reveal the true face of the Armenians. The facts about the Armenian massacres will be brought to light with serious studies by our commission.

Müslüm AKTÜRK (Media Board President):

When we look at the history, we see the Armenian massacres and betrayals that left deep traces. Ignoring this fact and claiming that Armenians who committed crimes against humanity are still innocent is the hypocrisy itself. Of course, we do not blame all Armenians, but when we look at war crimes, betrayals and massacres in history, we come across Armenian gangs. Finally, during the war in Karabakh, we watched the footage of the burned and destroyed places on the TVs. However, we think that such a commission is needed to see if there are other pains that we cannot watch or see.

The names of the Karabakh War Crimes Investigation Commission are as follows:

Head of Commission: Press. Dipl. Salih KURT

Deputy Chairman of the Commission: Prof. Dr. Bayram ALTAN / Chairman of the Advisory Board

Honorary Member of the Commission: Minister Güldal AKŞİT / Rep. C.B

Head of Law of the Commission: Prof. Dr. Cüneyt YÜKSEL / İstanbul Unv.

Vice Chairman of the Commission: Prof. Dr. Refik TURAN / Former President of the Turkish Historical Society

Vice Chairman of the Commission: Prof. Dr. Ilham Rahimov / Azerbaijan Government Official

Vice Chairman of the Commission: Rector- Prof. Dr. Yaşar HACISALİHOĞLU / Yeni Yüzyıl Unv.

Vice Chairman of the Commission: Rector- Prof. Dr. Namık AK / KMU

Vice Chairman of the Commission: Investigative Journalist Asif MEMMEDOV / Azerbaijan

Vice Chairman of the Commission: E. Bakan. Asst. Abdurrahman ARICI

Commission Member: E. Büyük ELÇİ. Fikret OZER (QATAR)

Commission Member: E. Ambassador Hulusi KILIÇ (BAKU)

Commission Member: Hassan SAED / President of the Supreme Court (Maldives)

Commission Member: Adil MİNBAŞI / Judge - Azerbaijan

Commission Member: E-Rector- Prof. Dr. Aydin DURMUŞ

Commission Member: Rector- Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ahmad GHANAYEM / PALESTINE

Commission Member: Rector- Prof. Dr. Arif ÖZAYDIN ​​/ Gaziantep Univ.

Commission Member: Rector- Prof. Dr. Mustafa PAÇ / Yüksek İhtisas Univ.

Commission Member: Rector- Prof. Dr. Abdülhalık KARABULUT / İbrahim Çeçen Univ.

Commission Member: Prof. Dr. Kerem KARABULUT / Atatürk Unv.

Commission Member: Vice Rector - Prof. Dr. Fahrettin SADIKOĞLU / Near East Univ. (TRNC)

Commission Member: Prof. Dr. Yusuf BOZKURT / İskenderun Technical University.

Commission Member: Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Hikmet ÖKSÜZ / Karadeniz Technical Univ.

Commission Member: Prof. Dr. Hikmət RAMIXANOV / Russian Federal Government official

Commission Member: Prof. Dr. Oleq Yuryevich Kuznetsov / Russia

Commission Member: Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali BEYHAN / Former President of the Turkish Historical Society

Commission Member: Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Secret Vulture /

Commission Member: Prof. Dr. Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet ZELKA / Üsküdar Univ.

Commission Member: Prof. Dr. Huseyin MUŞMAL / KMU

Commission Member: Prof. Dr. Mehmet MERCAN / KMU

Commission Member: Dean Prof. Dr. Gültekin AKENGİN / Haci Bayram Veli Univ.

Commission Member: Dean Prof. Dr. Gültekin AKENGİN / Haci Bayram Veli Univ.

Commission Member: Dipl Ped. Abdulkadir INALTEKİN / Humbod Unv. Retired

Commission Member: Governor İrfan BALKANLIOĞLU / Retired

Commission Member: Assoc. Dr. İsmail Barış /

Commission Member: Assoc. Dr. Fouad MULLA / DEAN / (SUDAN)

Commission Member: Dr. DR.Ibrahem AHMED AIYASEN / (JORDAN)

Commission Member: Dr. Lecturer See. Rahman AYDIN ​​/ Atatürk Univ.

Commission Member: Dr. Lecturer See. Esra ÇAVUŞOĞLU / KMU

Commission Member: Dr. Lecturer See. Levent YIGITTEPE / KMU

Commission Member: Derya YAŞAR / Lawyer

Commission Member: Emin ÖZDURAN / Retired Colonel

Commission Media Crl. Head: Müslüm AKTÜRK / Investigative Journalist

Commission Member: Erhan ESMERAY / Investigative Journalist

Commission Member: Sabir MESHUR / Journalist Writer (EGYPT)

Commission Member: Yasemin KURT / Investigative Journalist

Commission Member: Yasemin MEMMEDOV / Investigative Journalist

Commission Member: Sociologist Elif Lale KIRCAOĞLU

Commission Member: Thomas PANTELIC / Chief of Police (Germany)

Commission Member: Goran GACNIK / Defense Expert (Slovenia)

Commission Member: Qorin Mark Aronovic / ISRAEL

Commission Member: Dr. Mohamed KHALIFA BOUNASRI (CANADA)

Commission Member: Strategic Consultant Uğur Fehmi Babacan

Commission Member: EDUCATOR- Mohamad SHERİF (NIGERIA)

Commission Member: MANAGER- Hamid FEZZAGA (FAS)

Commission Member: Mustafa Omar Abshir (SOMALIA)

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