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Humanity is in a new search


Activist, author, photographer Dr. Süleyman Gündüz said that due to the pandemic, humanity has entered in a new search.

TINGADER (All Internet Journalists and Journalists Association) hosted Special Advisor to the President, 22nd Term Deputy, author, photographer, and Doctors Worldwide member Dr. Suleyman Gunduz. 

The meeting titled "POLITICAL PREFERENCES AFTER PANDEMIA" was moderated by Journalist-Author Müslüm Aktürk took place with a video conference system.

Stating that with the pandemic, a common story of all humanity has been formed all over the world, Dr. Gunduz: “The world is evolving into a new era. The pandemic has accelerated the course of events, ” said.

Drawing attention to the fact that humanity is in a new quest, Dr. Gunduz said the following:

“The answer to this quest must be the language of freedom, compassion and peace. Hello must have language. There is a climate caused by the pandemic.

Two insights emerged: 1- A more global sharing philosophical language that cares about the rights and freedoms of individuals, does not restrict their freedoms, and will revive them. 2- A totalitarian language that keeps the state under control, more sovereign. These languages were brought to the same field and started to be spoken.

There are two choices in front of humanity; either universal individual rights and freedoms, a new understanding of equal black and white people should be built or a totalitarian world view that monitors and controls people. This is the first time death has dominated the language of philosophy.

Call to the Islamic World

"Islamic world, including Turkey, I would like to make a call; The Islamic world should have a proposal and criticism against these possible developments. Unfortunately, these expectations have been accepted by Islamic intellectuals. There was no objection, as it was introvert and not possible to contribute to this development.

Humanity is looking for a new language, a new stylistic approach. Who will build this language in the digital era that has emerged with the pandemic? We have to respond fully to this. "

The Concept of Justice

Wherever you go in the world, the most important concept is the concept of justice. Everyone is waiting for justice.

Still, blacks in America could not establish an equal language with whites. When we look at Europe, it is seen that the behaviors towards the refugee wave due to the wars and instabilities are in conflict with the understanding of that modernity. We are witnessing the rise of radical views. Fascist elements are rising in Europe, there is tension there as well.

In terms of politics, there should be 37 Muslim MPs in the French Parliament. However, there are 8 deputies. In countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium, parliaments must be of different ethnicities, but due to obstacles, quotas are not filled in those countries.

Democracy is the best solution

The best solution that humanity has found on the basis of management is democracy. The Islamic community could not establish this, they continued the system that passed from father to son. The divine message asks us to establish. Europe has solved this problem. The ballot box was placed and whoever came out was accepted.

There will be a different US construction in the Biden era. I do not reputate on external enemies. There is an external mind, but I do not reputate. No country can be occupied without its own local collaborators. Nobody's mind is more than me.

Turkey has no danger of a split.

Turkey has no danger of a split. Our face should be facing west like the Turkish 'Red Apple'.

The USA, China are heading towards conflict. A new world war will not bring peace to anyone. 8 million people died in continental Europe in the first world war, and 25 million people died in the second world war.

Although we are our close neighbor, we do not know Iran very well.  Iran is an important actor in world politics. So are we.

The Arab spring was the right thing, still not understood. Individuals are demanding that their political discourse be reciprocated. They say it's a measure of value. It could not be turned into positive.

Communities of the Turkic World

Turkic world communities should establish unity, equality.
The world is not yesterday's world. The Ottoman period formed and then gradually changed. The period is not the age of empires, we live in the age of nation states. We can get a new inspiration. It should develop a form of equality regardless of their population or their history. We can establish a Turkish Union.

Let the people live so that the state lives. What is the meaning of the earth if there is no man, what is the meaning of religions and technology?

If a tenth of the money spent on armament is spent on humanity, most of the problems will be eliminated.

Muslims cannot be in the provinces of history. We can re-establish and build our unity. Nature does not accept emptiness, if we cannot create it, others build it. The whole world is stuck, we are waiting for a new understanding of justice. "



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