President Erdoğan: We will process lignite and turn it into energy


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who attended the Manisa Energy and Natural Resources Projects Mass Opening Ceremony with a live connection from the Vahdettin Mansion, made a statement.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the Manisa Energy and Natural Resources Projects Mass Opening Ceremony with a live link from Vahdettin Mansion.

Erdogan made important statements about the agenda here.

Here are some highlights from President Erdoğan's statements:

Since we took office, investment in natural gas distribution has reached 27 billion TL.

While there was natural gas in only 5 countries before us, we expanded it to 81 provinces.

Today, 54.5 million citizens benefit from the comfort of natural gas.

Our total population reached by natural gas is 68 million.

We have survived many adversities until today. We were attacked everywhere, from Republic rallies to travel events, to the bloody coup attempt on July 15.

It's not just the gangs with the media wedge that plagued Turkey 80 years I've struggled at the beginning of the opposition.

They tried to prevent the 'project of the century' Marmaray. They took the Eurasia Tunnel to the court at the project stage. They tried all kinds of provocations, including street violence, to discourage us from building Istanbul Airport.

They made up many fictions and lies in order to slander the city hospitals that we have in the fight against the epidemic.

They tried to trigger the development of this country, frightening the international investors.

Despite this mob it will be heated in the homeland or fire if we had the most successful 18 year history of the Republic of Turkey.

We made a silent revolution. We are not trying to save the day with lies like the opposition.

Turkey's hoped that those who persist in our country into chaos we are preparing a bright future.

We do it for the peace, security and welfare of our 83 million people.

We were never complacent. We have accelerated our projects from health to transportation and environment.

After our discovery of 405 million cubic meters of natural gas in the Black Sea, we started to focus on our energy investments.

Turkey saying that we are trying to establish a strong independent energy sector based on our domestic sources of energy.

The 510 megawatt Soma-Kolin thermal power plant is a good example where domestic coal meets high technology.

"We will process lignite and turn it into energy"
With this project, we will process 4.7 million tons of lignite annually and turn it into energy.

The giant thermal power plant is the proof of this.

Together with the mine site and power plant, we will prevent gas imports of approximately 150 million dollars annually with the project, which has an investment of 1.1 billion dollars.

This investment, which provides employment for a total of 1500 people, has the capacity to produce 3-fourth of Manisa's electricity consumption alone.

Turkey's our strength in electrical installation we have seen a sine qua non for the growth we delivered 96 thousand megawatts by 3 fold in 18 years.

Our geothermal installed power, which was only 18 megawatts in 2002, has reached 1613 megawatts today. With this figure, Turkey geothermal first in Europe, rose to fourth place in the world.

We aim to be the center country not only in production but also in renewable energy technologies.

Today, 63.5 percent of our installed power consists of domestic resources. 51.7 percent of this ratio belongs to renewable energy sources, that is clean energy.

I would like to express our gratitude to our dedicated private sector.