Flash Biden statement from Minister Akar: It is not right to draw swords now!


Minister of National Defense Akar said, "It is not right to draw swords with the Biden administration yet.

It is beneficial to see the process and to determine a way and method according to it." Pointing to the rapid recovery of the army after the July 15 coup attempt, Akar said, "No army can achieve this." Akar made important statements on many issues, including the tension with Greece, the latest situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, the fight against terrorism, and relations with the United States.

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar answered the questions of Hürriyet newspaper columnist Ahmet Hakan on important issues on the agenda. Hakan included Akar's statements in his column:

No army in the world could achieve this
- What is the situation of the Turkish Armed Forces after the 15 July crisis? Has there been a recovery?

- HULUSİ AKAR: After the treacherous coup attempt on July 15, some were suspended from the army. 50 percent of the generals and 73 percent of the staff officers were suspended from duty. One month later, Operation Euphrates Shield took place. Then 4 big successful operations. No other army in the world could handle this.

We smashed the so-called state threat
- The purpose of the operations was to disrupt what you call the "terror corridor". Have you been successful in this?

- HULUSİ AKAR: The terror corridor equals a so-called state enterprise. Turkey did not allow this corridor. He tore and threw it. If this were not done, we would face many different threats and dangers today. The Turkish army brings peace, tranquility and stability wherever it goes. Mehmetçik is a shield to the oppressed, the innocent, the righteous.

Two states, one nation consciousness settled
- What do you think is the most important issue that emerged after the Azerbaijani victory?

- HULUSİ AKAR: It is a 44-day operation. The most important effect of this operation was this: Both countries grasped the "two states, one nation" consciousness much better. This consciousness has settled. From now on, if Armenia makes its choices correctly, it can become a stakeholder of peace.

Haftar tried in international criminal court
- In Libya, Haftar's threats are on the agenda. You had a very harsh response to Haftar ... What do you think about Haftar?

- HULUSI AKAR: Haftar is actually a pawn, a puppet ... An enemy of humanity. Someone who gave himself the so-called marshal title. It suits the profile third states want to use. It is known who is behind it. He tends to drag Libya into instability by being a servant to someone. Hafter is afraid of what will happen to him. Many mass graves have been discovered in Libya. There are more than 200 bodies. There are vile hospital and school attacks. Matters such as being tried in international criminal courts make him nervous. Some countries also support this enemy of humanity.

Greece goes door to door and lies
- What is the latest situation in the tension between Greece and Turkey?

- HULUSİ AKAR: Greece has announced 49 NAVTEX in the last three months, operating in only two. All the arguments he cites as problems are his own production. It is doing its utmost to compress Turkey. When we say "let's sit down, talk", he refuses to meet. He goes door to door and say full of lie.

It is not right to draw swords against the Biden management
- S-400 problem and sanctions are on the agenda. What kind of future do you foresee in relations with the USA?

- HULUSİ AKAR: We have years of relationships with America. Not if you take the S-400 out of hundreds of issues and lock it. Did you want to give FETO, no. The S-400 is not a choice for us, it is a must. The safety of our 83 million citizens is in question.

With the Biden administration, it is not right to draw swords already. It is useful to see the process and to determine a method and method accordingly. PKK equals YPG ... This must be understood. Our expectation is that the support, including ammunition, will cease.