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Despite the testimonies of dozens of witnesses for 22 years, the interrogation and torture reports of the person who was instrumental in the arrest of terrorist Öcalan, who were kept secret from all official authorities, DGM courts and specially authorized prosecutors, were sent to the presidential office by mail.

The torture documents and pictures, which were meticulously sought by confiscating some electronic materials (computers and hard drives) from 2005 and 2012 with the cooperation of specially authorized prosecutors and SSC courts, came to light after 22 years from the archives of the Ministry of National defense

For the torture victim, Mr. Salih KURT, who was referred to 7 hospitals for a full 1.5 years after the torture, and it was seen that he was entered under different records, even though there was clearly torture in the hospital records.

In the official reply given to the investigation number 2018 / .41762.. of the special authorized prosecutor of Kartal Anadolu Courthouse in 2018, it was stated that the torture victim had no hospital or infirmary records.

Staff colonel signed by Medical Colonel Mesut Çetin …13…/…09 2000.. In order to keep the torture secret, which was clearly stated in the hospital records numbered 10848, surgical procedures were tried to be camouflaged by entering the psychiatry services.

As many witnesses and witnesses M. Tokur stated, it is clear in the reports that the torture victim had heavy bleeding.

It was also stated that an attempt was made to assassinate him while he was in the thoracic surgery intensive care unit at Ankara GATA Gülhane Military Medical Academy.

It has been learned that the matter has been referred to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan several times, but even though there are no reports, Mr. President Erdogan said that he will not keep you waiting.

With the release of the reports, the decision to be made by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan became a matter of curiosity.


North Korea has temporarily taken over as head of a top nuclear disarmament forum at the United Nations

An outraged started after the announcement of North Korea as a leader of a disarmament group. A number of NGO’s decided to protest against this critical decision of UN.

UN has banned the testing of intercontinental ballistic missiles and has sanctioned countries including North Korea. But earlier in this year, North Korea was accused of testing these missiles, which is the clear violation of armament policy. Also, after the visit of Biden in their neighborhood South Korea & Japan, Northern Korea tested several missiles.

 However, North Korea will lead the forum for upcoming three weeks next three weeks. The conference on Disarmament - held three times a year at the UN headquarters in Geneva. The opening session on Thursday saw Western states - many of whom wield sanctions against Pyongyang- release a joint statement condemning North Korea's aggression this year.

 "We remain gravely concerned about the DPRK's reckless actions which continue to seriously undermine the very value of the Conference on Disarmament", said Australia's ambassador, on behalf of a coalition of countries.

Responding to the appointment, the US said it prompted questions over the forum's effectiveness.

“The choice to stay was not to be interpreted as "tacit consent" of North Korea's record.” Amanda Gorely, Australian ambassador

 According to North Korea's ambassador, His nation's claims of self-defense necessitating its militarization, and said it remained committed to contributing to global disarmament.

 Four bombs killed dozen people in Afghanistan on Wednesday

The situation in Afghanistan was quite peaceful since Taliban seized power in August 2021, but several deadly attacks rocked the country during the holy month of Ramadan.

“The bombs were planted on three minibuses in different districts of the city,” Balkh provincial police spokesman Asif Waziri told AFP, adding that 15 other people were injured including 3 women.

Another bomb exploded inside a mosque, placed in a fan in the capital Kabul on Wednesday night, killing at least two people and wounding 10 others, the Interior Ministry

No group has so far claimed responsibility for the four bombings on Wednesday. It was not yet clear if Wednesday’s attacks targeted any specific community.

Taliban officials insist their forces have defeated IS, but analysts say the jihadist group remains a key security challenge.

Due to ongoing situation in Pakistan politics, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, urged his nation for a peaceful long march to conduct general Elections.

PTI and army keeping Pakistan together,' Imran Khan says in Jhelum jalsa

On 11th of April, Khan's government took a turn and was replaced by 3 times elected party Noon League, and Shahbaz Sharif became the newer PM by getting 174 confidence votes.

The tension created after the meetup of Imran Khan with Putin on 24th Feb, which made khan’s opposition furious on him.

“We want election for Pakistan’s Sovereignty”, said Imran Khan

Khan blamed foreign conspiracy for hi fallen Government. On may 22, while addressing to a rally in Peshawar, Former PM announced the date of long march on 25 May at Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan


"Pakistan could never become a great nation unless it gets rid of the chains of slavery," Former PM Pakistan

On Friday 19,2022 PTI Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan addressed to rally in Multan, A city of Pakistan. He said, You my people, we are a brave nation, do not to bow your heads before thieves and robbers".

Mohammed Sheikh bin Zayed Al Nahyan has been elected President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), according to state media, following the death of former leader
Sheikh Mohammad Zayed Appointed After Death Of His Step Brother - File Photo: Wam Twitter
According to the state-run Wam News, Sheikh Mohammed has been elected by the Federal Supreme Council and will now be the leader of the oil-dependent economy that
his father founded in 1971.Sheikh Mohammed, also known as 'MBZ', met the Federal Supreme Council. Is suffering Expectations were high for Sheikh Khalifa to assume office in a desert country of 10 million people after his health deteriorated. 
He sent a man from the UAE into space to investigate and launch its first nuclear reactor on Mars, while also developing an automated foreign policy using its oil-powered economy.
After retreating from the traditional powers, he emerged as a leader in the Middle East with close allies, reducing US intervention and re-establishing ties with Israelwhile fighting the Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen. Acquired
.Death of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed
Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, passed away yesterday. 
Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has been the President of the United Arab Emirates and the ruler of Abu Dhabi since November 3, 2004.
He was elected successor to his father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who served as the first president of the UAE since the Union in 1971and died on November 2, 2004. Born in 1948, Sheikh Khalifa was the second president of the United Arab Emirates and the 16th ruler of the UAE Abu Dhabi.
He was the eldest son of Sheikh Zayed. After becoming President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa reorganized both the federal government and Abu Dhabi.
During his rule, the UAE developed rapidly and ensured a dignified life for those who called the UAE their home. 
Sheikh Khalifa promoted the development of the oil and gas sector and small industries which successfully contributed to the economic diversification of the country.The former Khalifa was known for his keen interest in public affairs.


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