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Sugar causes Cancer, says Prof. Dr. Sedat Soyupek


An online meeting in the format of a video conference was held under the leadership of the moderator of the journalist-writer Muslim Akturk,

An online meeting in the format of a video conference was held under the leadership of the moderator of the journalist-writer Muslim Akturk,

where the President of the World Union of Turkish Writers, Vice President of ASIAD, Vice President of TINGADER, former member of the Advisory Council on Combating Terrorism under Prime Minister, Mr. Salih Kurt took part.

Professor of the Department of Urology of the Faculty of Medicine of Suleiman Demirel University, Professor Dr. Sedat Soyupek, spoke at the video conference. The respected doctor Sedat Soyupek in his speech talked about the effects of sugar, that sugar causes cancer cells and you need to stay away from sugar.

 Professor Dr. Soyupek also talked about ways to prevent cancer, that “Sugar may form cancer cells, so you need to stay away from sugar as much as possible. It is especially important to stay away from artificial sweeteners such as glucose and corn syrup, ”he added.

 Professor Dr. Soyupek also recalled that smoking and environmental factors also lead to cancer. “Women between the ages of 45 and 50 should have breast and uterine examinations while men should undergo prostate examinations on priority basis.

Men are a little reluctant to go for a prostate examination, but now it is easier to diagnose. I can even diagnose the disease very easily with an IT test and in parallel with the results of blood and urine tests, we can find out if there is a problem with the prostate. 

The final diagnosis of cancer is based on a biopsy. Even if the diagnosis is made, the third department decides to go through the treatment together.


 Prostate cancer treatment is like a journey, and there are various factors that may support this. If the journey is organized correctly, a person can live a long time, even if the disease develops, but with the right treatment, the patient can fully recover.

 The patient can be treated if the spread of the disease is prevented and if it is detected in due time. Thus, accurate and timely diagnosis of prostate diseases is treatable.

 If the disease can be removed from the organs, the patient's chances of survival are increased. If the disease has spread to the limbs and lungs, and if found on the chest, a more difficult period ensues for the patient.


Some patients come to the doctor, after that they get some information from the Internet. Getting medical information over the Internet is like describing an elephant you haven't seen yet.

 Herbal treatments are widely used in the world. These herbs do have a definite effect. There is no appropriate standard treatment with medication, but we have been using proven methods for 20-30 years. That is, we know its standard effect. Therefore, it makes no sense to switch to herbal medicine, which is obtained in limited research, and not to drugs. 


 Tea and coffee have diuretic properties. It is good for the body if take it on time and in moderation. However, excessive alcohol consumption at night, especially before bedtime, often causes urination because the connection between the brain and the urinary tract gets weakened in older people, who are more likely to urinate at night. Therefore, when you are taking tea and coffee, it is necessary to pay attention to both the time and the quantity. "

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