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Ghana fully ready to host Tourism Expo, invites Pak,Turkey & Azerbaijani tourism experts to attend event

Tourism & Destination

ACCRA: The development of a strong tourism sector has become more important with Covid 19 and its uncertainties. Moreover, the time has come for the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture to focus on working with a wide range of stakeholders to promote and present Ghana as an undeniable business destination at the Inter-Tourism Expo, which is arranged by Accra from September 28 to 30, 2021 at the Accra International Conference Center.

The Inter-Tourism Expo Accra is a high-level international gathering of tourism trade, regulation and investment leaders, which also includes strategic partners with the aim of creating synergies among key stakeholders. He said that we request Pakistani, Turkish & Azerbaijani and other Asian & European tourism experts, artists and entrepreneurs to join this expo and promote Asian, European and African entrepreneurship.

In addition, the event supports the development of long-term B2B, B2G and G2G networks for Ghana's upcoming tourism market.

The expo will attract more than 150 exhibitors, 200 host buyers and 500 business visitors from all over the world, and the program will be introduced with an identity whenever World Tourism Day is celebrated in the world.

As a destination for making Ghana a choice for tourism and recreation, the expo also seeks to strengthen Ghana's leadership position as a gateway to Africa. Therefore, Public Private Partnership (PPP) provides insights into current business, leisure, meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) opportunities in the Aquas sub-region.

To create a platform to connect small and medium-sized tourism businesses with the international tourism market to promote small and medium-sized tourism, iNTTA2021, to make Ghana as desired - our people , Brand and Culture, and connects businesses to the international tourism market. It also provides a platform for sellers and buyers in the industry to do business in a network and friendly environment and to promote an effective tourism business.

Mr. Emmanuel Treco, Chief Executive Officer and Convener of Chief Travelo Expo Accra, added that the event will promote Ghana as a favorite mixed tourism destination. Participants are also assured of access to updated travel trends in the Asian & European travel market and interactions with leading local and international companies.

cCome and must visit the Expo and attend and listen to keynote addresses on key industry ideas and learn more about industry-targeted marketing companies, tourism trade associations, fantices, and travel technology. 
On the other hand, the event will explore new destinations and technologies as emerging artists, experts share their products and solutions as it expands visitors' knowledge and understanding of Ghana through a study of real-world issues. ۔

The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mr. Marc Okrico Monti, has promised that this year's edition of this year's International Tourism Expo will be held in Ghana from September 28 to 30, 2021.

He emphasized that the role of the media in reviving tourism in the current COVID-19 era cannot be ignored: "At a time when countries are trying to revive their tourism, the media has a key role to play. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the role of the media in the flexible return of tourism to its destination.

He also reiterated the government's agenda to promote local tourism, such as President Nana Edu-Danqua Akofu - Commitment to launch domestic and regional tourism on the theme "Experience Ghana, Share Ghana" in line with Edu's vision. Has been revealed.

We believe that the President's commitment to vehicles and ministries is to make tourism the first source of GDP growth in the country, with 5 million tours a year and a partnership like an inter-tourism exhibition.

The Deputy Minister commended Convener and his team for their innovative ideas and hard work, adding that new technologies such as multi-pronged approach and team display for strategic options to enhance sustainable tourism and economic growth in the industry will be needed.

Mr Marc O'Carrio Monti added that the historic event would make Ghana a priority destination for entertainment, seminars, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE). Therefore, he invited all the tourism business professionals at home and abroad to successfully host this expo.

The expo is sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and Global Signature Partners, which seeks to collaborate with public, private partners and investors to address key issues of sustainable tourism for the development of the sector.