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Chinese vaccine in Pakistan Encouraged the public


The availability of another vaccine in Pakistan,as Chinese vaccine gets encouraging news from the people

ISLAMABAD: 4 Feb :Gavi has informed Pakistan about the supply of Pfizer's Corona vaccine to Pakistan. Pfizer's Corona vaccine is likely to arrive in Pakistan next month.

According to details, a statement from the Ministry of Health, Govt of Pakistan said that the US-made Corona vaccine will come to Pakistan. Gavi informed Pakistan about the supply of Pfizer Corona vaccine to Pakistan. Pakistan will get the Pfizer Corona vaccine from the Covax platform.

Sources said that Kovacs will provide a few lakh doses of Pfizer vaccine to Pakistan. Pakistan is bound to get Pfizer Corona vaccine if it becomes a member of covax.

According to ministry, Pakistan will start receiving Corona vaccine from covax this month.

Covax is ​​providing free vaccine to 20% of Pakistan's population and covax has announced to provide 17 million doses to Pakistan in the first phase.

Special Assistant to PM Dr. Faisal said that AstraZeneca and other vaccines are awaited for people over 60 years of age. The vaccine of British company AstraZeneca will arrive in Pakistan this month.

Dr. Faisal Sultan added that a limited amount of Pfizer's Messenger RNA vaccine will also arrive in March, while the Russian vaccine Sputnik is also likely to be available in the same quarter as the older ones.

Siama HAYAT, TRTAJANS, Pakistan

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