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'Turkey' claim about the Vikings

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Historian Prof. Sven Lagerbring made a striking claim, arguing that the famous Vikings were of Turkish origin.

The similarities between Swedish and Turkish came to the fore again. The opinion that the Vikings, famous for their warriors, were of Turkish origin, received wide attention. Vikings had two important gods. Both were named in Turkish: Thor (Tur) and Odin (Ot-in)

Historian Prof. Sven Lagerbring wrote "Similarities of Swedish with Turkish" in 1764.

He explained that his ancestors, the Vikings and their god Odin, were of Turkish origin.

He explained in detail the features that remain similar between the two languages ​​even today.

The founder of modern Swedish history, Prof. Lagerbring's views sparked controversy again today.

Many Swedes believed that he was of Turkish descent. Social media is destroyed.

Here are Lagerbring's claims:
In Herwarar Tale of Sweden, it is told that the god Odin came from "Turkland".

He was the leader of two large masses known as Tirkiar (Turks) and Asiemaen (Asians). Odin's justice and wisdom, shown with his wolves in depictions, is praised.

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